Wonder why pro athletes do yoga?
Used as a training tool, athletes of all levels are using yoga, meditation and the power of breath control to excel. 

We're a yoga studio for the complete athlete. 

Adding yoga as an integral part of your training not only creates bilateral strength, increases speed, quickness and flexibility but also helps you develop a mental edge.  From the field to your school or office, the skills learned in a consistent yoga practice will change your life.  

How does it work? We develop a personalized plan.
Sport specific sequences, introductory workshops or tailored classes are built to address the specific demands of your sport. Yoga is meant to compliment current training and we take a comprehensive look at your current training. 

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Poses are targeted to strengthen the body and to aid in recovery. Increased range of motion,  improved function, proper alignment and diminished muscle tension are just a few of the most important results of a yoga practice. Low impact sequences do not mean small results.

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Through a focus on connecting your breathing patterns to movement, you will notice increased lung capacity, improved oxygen intake and the ability to use breath to enhance movements. Breathing will no longer be a mindless process! 

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Meditation and visualization exercises create an elite edge in sport. Control your nerves, prepare for any outcome and learn to shift your thought patterns. Using mindful meditation and guided visualization exercises will give you the tools to excel. 

Want more info on adding yoga to your training plan? Reach out!  

Erin Murphy leads our yoga for sports program. From working individually with nationally qualifying athletes to introducing a team to the benefits of yoga, we guarantee there is a right program for you. 

Spending your summer training? Get on our info list for twice weekly summer yoga for sports. One session per week focused on strength + one session per week focused on stretch.
Ideal for high school and college athletes.