Lemme upgrade you.

Not on a flight out of town, although given this morning's snow.. not too much sounds better.
The weather has not yet caught on to the fact that it's SPRING. 

Almost 10 days into the new month.
How is your yoga practice?
If you're hoping for a booty like Beyonce but attending sculpt once a month like Becky, ehh, that might night quite cut it. 

Seeking total bliss but meditating twice a quarter?
Might be time to step up your game if you want to see results... 

Practicing twice weekly creates lasting habits in your body + mind.
Want to see major changes? Practice 4 or more times a week. 
Want to change your life?  Integrate it daily.  

Yes, we know what you're thinking...
I spent all my fitness money on red wine and netflix. It's cold out, so I chill. 
We feel ya. 
So, we've made recommitting to your practice and upgrading up your punch card or package to a membership MORE accessible and MORE affordable. 

From the most basic package to a premium unlimited, the cost savings are clear. 
Upgrade anytime, downgrade 5 days before  your next payment. 

It's easy and automatic, as the best things are. 
Like dividends, royalty checks, Roomba cleaners and coffeemakers with timers. 


Practice 1x per week - This one is for you.
5 classes per month for $69. 
Yes, one time per week + one extra! 
Perfect for Happy Hour Yoga or that day when 6am feels accessible. 
Each additional class is $15. 

Practice 2x per week - You'll love 9 classes per month for $99. 
Each additional class is $12. 

Addicted? Love it? Want to practice as much as possible?
Premium Monthly Unlimited membership for $119. 

You already love our classes and our community. Become part of our TRIBE. 

Mamma let me upgrade you. 
(It's Monday. It's snowing. You probably need a laugh this morning at work.)

Questions about how it works? Want to upgrade your current package or just want to learn more? REPLY to this email and we'll walk you through it. 

Want more old school Beyonce + Jay Z on the playlists this week? Or SO OVER the old stuff and want to tell us what's better? We'll take requests too. 

Ready to make the change? Click the button below to register.