Why yoga?

Yoga is for EVERYONE. Whether you're an athlete looking for a way to prevent injury or a fitness newbie just starting out, there is a class and style of yoga for you and you will get something out of each and every class. It is not exclusive, it's inclusive... and it's a practice that meets you where you are. No matter the level or style you choose, from the most basic to the most challenging, there are always variations, modifications and options so you are able to work with your body and where you are at that exact moment. 

It is not about being super flexible or hitting the "perfect" pose. You're not graded, scored, timed or judged. It is a practice. The internal meets the external, and your mind will come up against your body. Meaning every single time you roll out your mat, you're not only doing good for your body, you are also changing your mind. How you focus, how you react, how you look at yourself. As you grow to appreciate the practice, we hope you grow to appreciate yourself even more. Maybe you are finding relief in your joints or spine, maybe you need the energetic pace of a flow class, or maybe the constant depth and instruction of a basics class is what feels best to your body. 

The better question should be why NOT yoga? If you've never tried it, we would love to have you check out the studio and take a few classes. Don't simply take one. Try teachers, try styles, try varying durations.. every single class will feel different. If you're an experienced yogi, the depth of knowledge our instructors hold will help you find and refine your personal edge. If you're looking to break habits and build strength, try yoga. If you're looking to gain speed, quickness, more lung capacity for your sport, try yoga. Looking to heal from a trauma, gain calm, clarity or a sense of peace, sweating it out on your mat will do wonders for your state of mind. 

Yoga is a constantly evolving journey, and it's never over. There are always places to grow, deepen, expand or learn. As your body evolves, so will your time on the mat. 

If you're hesitant, reach out! We can talk you through your concerns and offer guidance. Curious about our space, our teachers or our mission? Join us for a class. We promise you'll be hooked.