Power Flow



Find your internal heat in this quicker paced, powerful vinyasa flow class. Meant to build strength and body awareness, each class will have a  varied focus but will work the full body. Some extra core work can be expected. Variations and adjustments available for all levels, although a knowledge of yoga poses and terminology is helpful. 60 or 75 minutes. 
HEATED practice is done in 85 degrees, NON-HEATED is standard studio temps. Try them both! 



More moderate pace, longer holds.. but by no means less powerful. This class will strengthen and stretch, while at the same time helping you to find the edge of your practice. The smooth pace will help create deeper awareness while building strength. Get ready for internal warming of the body, a focus on alignment and a creative sequencing. Try it... you'll be hooked! 60 min.

Power flow plus


Built on the same vinyasa base, but with more options to expand! From the occasional arm balance to more unusual poses, the Level 2 class is meant to give you the option to push yourself a little further or learn new poses you may not encounter in an open level class. Nice slow warm up and cool down complete the experience. Variations ALWAYS offered. 75 min. 

Core Focused Flow


Need a little something extra in your life? Start with your core! In this full body flow class, expect extra attention to the midsection: core, back and side body. The focus is on creating a stable base for your yoga practice and the rest of your life! Suitable for all levels. 60 min. 

Yoga Sculpt Flow


NEW CLASS! The flow class you know + love kicked up a notch! Short bursts of plyometric movement and high intensity, body sculpting movements woven into your vinyasa class. This class is accessible to all levels and uses body weight for all movements. You'll love the changes you see with a consistent practice!  60 min. 

Athletes R+R PLUS


RESTORATIVE. Join us for this 1 x MONTH class. We'll take the Athletes R+R class you love just a little further, more stretches = more restore. Monthly self-care for your body. 75 min. 



RESTORATIVE. Recover, realign and reset your body. For all our athletes - from the elite competitor to the couch surfer just wanting to create ease in the body.  This class is all about prevention, recovery and getting deep into your muscles and joints.  Long, slow movements help release built up stiffness, meant to flush the muscles and get into the fasciae.  This class isn't about work but instead settling into stretches. You will leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready for your next day of training.  Figure skater, cross fitter, runner or just extra tight and tense? Add THIS to your training plan! 


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