our mission

To be a change agent in the community. share the gift of yoga. guide you on your path to personal power. 

From leading athletes to peak performance to helping those new to fitness, we are so passionate about the practice of yoga. 

Our goal is to help each person who steps through our doors to discover a sense of reverence, power and strength in their daily lives. The result? A more expansive daily existence on and off the mat.


Yoga is for EVERYONE. Whether you're an athlete looking for a way to prevent injury or a fitness newbie just starting out, there is a class and style of yoga for you. It is not exclusive, it's inclusive... and it's a practice that meets you where you are. No matter the level or style you choose, from the most basic to the most challenging, there are always variations, modifications and options so you are able to work with your body where you are in that exact moment. 

It is not about being super flexible or hitting the "perfect" pose. You're not graded, scored, timed or judged. It is a practice. The internal meets the external, and your mind will come up against your body. Meaning every single time you roll out your mat, you're not only doing good for your body, you are also changing your mind.

How you focus, how you react, how you look at yourself. As you grow to appreciate the practice, we hope you grow to appreciate yourself even more. Maybe you are finding relief in your joints or spine, maybe you need the energetic pace of a flow class, or maybe the constant depth and instruction of a basics class is what feels best to your body. 

The better question should be why NOT yoga? If you've never tried it, we would love to have you check out the studio and take a few classes. Don't simply take one. Try teachers, try styles, try varying durations.. every single class will feel different.

If you're an experienced yogi, the depth of knowledge our instructors hold will help you find and refine your personal edge. If you're looking to break habits and build strength, try yoga. If you're looking to gain speed, quickness, more lung capacity for your sport, try yoga. Looking to heal from a trauma, gain calm, clarity or a sense of peace, sweating it out on your mat will do wonders for your state of mind. 

Yoga is a constantly evolving journey, and it's never over. There are always places to grow, deepen, expand or learn. As your body evolves, so will your time on the mat. 

If you're hesitant, reach out! We can talk you through your concerns and offer guidance.  We promise you'll be hooked. 



Erin Murphy (Owner, E-RYT 200, RYT300, PSA Rated coach) 

As a lifelong competitive figure skater I came to yoga seeking a new addition to my training but found a way to not only add strength & flexibility, but to repair some of the damage created by a very high impact sport. At first I wasn't sold on yoga - it showed me my imbalances, weaknesses and challenged me more mentally than I ever expected - but very quickly I grew to love the process and the practice.

From the keys of alignment to how to best make classes dynamic, my passion + overriding goal is to help each person feel better in their body.

Not only can yoga help you strengthen your body, but it immediately impacts your mind. Looking for an edge? Step on your mat consistently and you will see changes. 

I have trained in Baptiste style vinyasa yoga, studied yoga for athletes and continued to explore yoga theory. On the ice I am Professional Skaters Association Rated Freestyle coach and have apprenticed under Olympic coach Kori Ade and the Ice Theatre of New York.  Questions? Reach out. I would love to hear from you! 


Kelly Hamden (RYT 200) 

Kelly is a transplant from Denver, CO. She studied vinyasa yoga through Core Power in Colorado. Kelly loves the sense of community we create when practicing together and infuses that energy into every one of her classes. Her playlists + flows work in perfect sync to combine breath, movement + mind for a powerful yoga experience!


Areta Verschoor (RYT 200)

Areta teaches to inspire and empower physical well being+ awakening for everyday life. Her classes are warm + light, with an emphasis on breath connection, balance, physical awareness + opening of the heart. Having studied vinyasa yoga, adaptive yoga, yoga for eating disorder recovery + trauma informed yoga - Areta brings deep knowledge to her teaching. Helping each person find ease + strength in their body, no matter how they arrive on the mat. Step into her light, bright energy to find new joy in your practice. 


Kathy Khang (RYT 200) 

Kathy is a writer, speaker, and yoga teacher. She brings fresh energy + an open heart to her teaching. Kathy completed her 200-hour training with Forever Om Yoga, Lake Forest, IL after a decade-long yoga practice that started with a simple commitment - one class a week where she could just breathe and focus on reconnecting her heart, mind, soul, and body. Her commitment as a teacher? To create a space where each student can do the same. 


Jennifer Jenkins (RYT 200)

Yoga has been part of Jennifer's life since 2002. After getting her 200 hour certification with Forever Om in Lake Forest, IL, she began honing the craft of creating powerful + heartfelt yoga classes. When she dove into a routine of hot power vinyasa flow, she discovered the limits you can push yourself to in yoga go far beyond hitting the perfect pose… it’s more about perseverance, not judging yourself + pushing beyond your comfort zone. Sometimes it’s just about showing up! Yoga has created a space for healing, mindfulness + exploration in her life - exactly what she hopes to bring to others.


Maria O'Brien (RYT 200) 

I received my teacher certification through Black Cat Yoga.  Black Cat Yoga teacher training helped me to reveal what I already had within.  In doing so, it embraced my persona as a whole + provided me with a very personal experience like no other.  I was born + raised on an island located to the west of Africa. To me, experiencing yoga in its fullness is very similar to contemplating the movements of the waves on the seashore.  Every flow is different, unique, full of possibilities conveying different moments for full expression and growth. Off the mat, I work as a special education support staff for early childhood and kindergarten.

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Colleen McCarville Weiglein (RYT 200) 

Colleen is a longtime educator and Libertyville resident, teaching kindness and inclusion at Village Green Montessori through a combo of the Fox and Trove Kindness Curriculum and yoga. Having specialized in teaching to children since 2010, Colleen has branched out to offer powerful vinyasa flow classes for adults. She has completed her certifications through Yoga Kids International (2010) and Forever Om in Lake Forest (RYT200 in 2018). Whether offering classes to adults or children, Colleen seeks to help create a safe, loving + heart opening environment.

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Ellie Harris (RYT 200)

Ellie received her 200 Hour teacher training at Tribalance Yoga in 2017 shortly after graduating from Marquette University. Throughout her college experience, studying Psychology + Health Studies, she would often come to her yoga mat during times of stress. This inspired her to deepen her understanding of the physiological + psychological benefits of yoga. She specializes in Hatha, Yin, and Hot Yoga. Students will leave her class with a sense of accomplishment, resilience + relaxation.    

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Casey Taylor (RYT 200)

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Lisa Warman (RYT 200) 

Lisa has been in the seat of the teacher for over 14 years on the volleyball court, track + field, in the classroom + now most recently on the mat. A former Division I FSU volleyball player, Lisa quickly transitioned from student-athlete to yoga devotee. She is passionate about helping others achieve their personal goals. Becoming an RYT 200 at the Kula Yoga Shala in Jupiter, FL, proved to be a life changing experience. Lisa shares her knowledge + passion through Organic Vinyasa, Sports Performance Yoga, + Yin Yoga by focusing on Attitude, Action, + Alignment. Her belief is that by incorporating three elements of Yoga--the mind, the body + the breath--anyone can improve their health, performance + overall happiness.  

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Laura Mills (E-RYT 200) 

Laura leads our Easeful Flow class but no matter what level she is teaching, seeks to guide each student to renewal, relaxation and ease, even in the midst of a more physical practice. She is passionate about teaching basics and Level 1 classes to ensure a strong foundation for a lifelong practice. Laura is very knowledgeable about the systems of the body and mind, and weaves together both the physical and mental aspects of each practice. Check out a class. You will love her welcoming, warm energy!