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BACKBENDS & TWISTS! Open Heart, Strong Core

Back bends feel great because they open our heart to possibility, bring us energy and reverse the habitual hunch so common in modern society yet many of us shy away from them because we have trouble coordinating this unfamiliar movement and are sure we’re going to crunch a muscle or worse!... Similarly, twists wring out the digestive area and help us find mental, physical and emotional release. However, a twist is also not so common in day to day life so the movement feels awkward and unsafe. 

Join Sonya to delve into these asana (poses) focusing on:
- Alignment of the pelvis and spine
- How to use core strength in these poses to keep them safe and feeling great
- Modifications and how to build a deeper twist/backbend practice
- Explore safe movement of the spine in all 6 directions

Come open your heart to possibility with this energizing and informative workshop!

Earlier Event: October 21
Yoga Basics Series
Later Event: October 28
Yoga Basics Series