What is our mission? 

To be a change agent in the community. share the gift of yoga. guide you on your path to personal power. 

From leading athletes to peak performance to helping those new to fitness find a path we are so passionate about the practice of yoga. 

Our goal is to guide our community of athletes and yogis to discover a sense of reverence, power and strength in their daily lives, leading each person to a more expansive daily existence on and off the mat. We also plan to be a developmental training center, both with our students and community of teachers. From the traditional to the cutting edge, our goal is to constantly learn, improve and share our knowledge helping to guide others along this path through workshops, teacher trainings, mentorships and scholarship programs.

What do we sell? Exceptional products.  Yoga mats, apparel, accessories, essential oils and more. 

Come in for a class. We can’t wait to meet you! 


Erin Murphy (Owner, E-RYT 200, PSA Rated coach) 

I love the theory and practice of yoga. For me, the learning never stops. From the keys of alignment to how to best make classes dynamic, each class is infused with my passion for making each person feel better in their body.

As a lifelong competitive figure skater I came to yoga seeking a new addition to my training but found a way to not only add strength & flexibility, but to repair some of the damage created by a very high impact sport. At first I wasn't sold on yoga - it showed me my imbalances, weaknesses and challenged me more mentally than I ever expected - but very quickly I grew to love the process and the practice. Not only can it strengthen your body, but it immediately impacts your mind. Looking for the elite edge? Step on your mat consistently and you will see changes. 

I have trained in Baptiste style vinyasa yoga, studied yoga for athletes and continued to explore yoga theory. On the ice I am Professional Skaters Association Rated Freestyle coach and have apprenticed under Olympic coach Kori Ade and the Ice Theatre of New York. 

Questions? Reach out. I would love to hear from you! 

Sonya Taylor  (RYT 200) 

Sonya leads a physical, mental and spiritual practice straight from the heart. Having grown up exposed to yoga and mediation from an early age, Sonya's has made a lifelong practice of embodying yoga.  She practiced and taught ballet semi-professionally, drawn to the love of instructing and sharing physical movement with others, and excels in guiding students to discover how each pose should line up the intricacies of the individual body. Sonya is also extensively trained in meditation and pranayama practices. She is inspired to help students learn to tap into their inner strength and mindfulness, connecting to universal energy and every day find ways to live a more fulfilling life. She radiates joy and good vibes. Sonya has trained at Core Power Yoga and at North Shore Yoga under Sharon Galindo. 

Laura Mills (E-RYT 200) 

Laura leads our Yoga Foundations class and no matter what level she is teaching, seeks to guide each student to renewal, relaxation and ease, even in the midst of a more physical practice. She is passionate about teaching basics and Level 1 classes to ensure a strong foundation for a lifelong practice. Laura is very knowledgeable about the systems of the body and mind, and weaves together both the physical and mental aspects of each practice. Check out a class. You will love her welcoming, warm energy! 

Britta Eumann (RYT 200) 

Like many people, Britta fell into yoga. She enrolled in her first teacher training simply as a means to deepen her own practice and enhance her knowledge but soon realized this would be a life and career changing shift. She teaches a powerful yet accessible flow class, connecting mind, body and breath. Britta is also a perpetual student, taking trainings and workshops at every available opportunity (yes, she has done two 200h certifications). Having graduated from Moksha Yoga, Britta is both very passionate about the practice but also very knowledgeable.